Modern Timber Framed Minimalist Bungalow House

Wood House Design

Wood house is unique enough that now we rarely see, in contrast to the past in the 90s first, wooden houses often are built. As the times a little wooden house is now abandoned, lost trends with materials of brick and cement. The house with the majority of this wood has a high artistic value and is not easy to design it. Despite that some people had a wooden house nowadays has an impression and pride in itself.

Not just unique course, the wood house had a surplus rather than ordinary houses today. This wooden house is quite fit you wake up in the area valve cool or cold, because wood is capable of functioning as a heat barrier. Make a wooden house has an impression that is quite at one with nature. Design of wooden houses which have high artistic value will toss the resale price so that it can be used as an investment vehicle. Other advantages are renovated wooden house easier than concrete house.

The essential thing before you build their wood house this you need to know is. Design of wooden houses is quite risky to fire because the wood itself is a kind of flammable materials. Therefore, when performing the initial design, the kitchen should be an important element to be considered.

Homeowners also have to really know the kinds of wood used to build the house, including the advantages and disadvantages of wood used. In addition, the cost to make the wooden house is not small, considering the days of wood is also diminishing. And also in the design it was not easy, compared with the concrete house.

A wooden house usually emphasizes the value of artistic, classic and natural. In certain countries, the making of a wood house that serves as a shelter quite a bit, the average wood houses made only for a resort and recreation. If you want is interested in building a house with the main ingredient of wood, hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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