Many people love the style of the Japanese living room. That is because this kind of living room style is considerably unique. As an addition, this kind of style looks considerably large even though the area is small. That is because you can only put some things inside the living room. As the result, the living room looks more spacious in many ways. If you are thinking about using this kind of living room idea for your house, then you might want to simply apply some of these things first.

Japanese Inspired Living Room Theme

The first one is the comfortable flooring. In many cases, the flooring in the Japanese style is using the kind of comfortable mattress. Therefore, it is okay if you walk barefoot on the floor. The next one is the plain table. The table is used for many different things kind of Japanese living room, starting for the dining, for gathering, for warming yourself up in Winter, and many other things. The height of the table varied based on your need, but usually, you will only need about 15 inches to 20 inches. As an addition to that, some cushions that you use as the base when you are sitting near the table for many purposes.

Japanese Living Room Design Ideas

The next one is the wall paintings. This is one of the most important thing since all of the Japanese style living rooms have this kind of decoration. For the painting itself, you can pick anything that will suit your need, starting with the collage painting, the Japanese writing, to the big size Japanese landscape painting. You just need to pick one that will suit your need best. Those are some simple things that you will need if you want to simply apply the Japanese living room for your living room. Therefore, you should never miss any of them.


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