Among all available materials, concrete is the oldest option, but, it has all the aspects that you want to build a patio. The material offers you smooth surface and easy for cleaning routine.

Furthermore, you can form it to be any shapes you want to fit your concrete patio design ideas. Whether it’s geometric or curvilinear, you can have the exact shape you look for. With the help of tints, you don’t have to see this material in a classic gray.

1Simple Pavers

Simple Decorative 12×12 Concrete Pavers

Due to its variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, you can use this certain material to create any concrete patio design ideas. Especially when you are trying to build a paver, you can make a bed of packed sand before placing the concrete.

In order to avoid any weeds from growing, you can always butt the pavers together, so there will be no space in between. This pattern will also let you have a smooth and unbroken superficial.

However, if you want to leave space between pavers, you will be able to save some money since you need fewer materials. The are some options you can choose to fill the space including pebbles, pea-gravel, and a tight ground-cover.

2Midcentury Roots

Mid-Century Roots Concrete Patio Ideas

A large residence with a midcentury modern concept should use concrete materials on its patio to make add stronger style. If the pool is constructed in geometric style, you can use concrete stones to create horizontal lines. The design along with clean look will be the best match to decorate your back door area.

3Indian Canyons

Indian Canyons Patio Design

Concrete would be perfect to complement your outdoor flooring if you live in a desert community where the temperature is hot, lots of suns and little rain. The yard will likely more hardscape than soft scape. A modern house at such area should be complement with concrete patio which has broom swept finish.

The concrete patio design ideas will be perfect since the area is also inhabited by cacti and water-wise succulents. It would be better if you can choose the white color to this design.

4Poured in Place

Poured in Place Concrete Patio Design

In order to make a charming concrete patio designs layout, you can make a style in which the concrete slabs are poured in place and acid washed in rows of rectangular shape. The space in between can be filled in by green ground cover.

Choose the one that will grow instantly, can step on and compact look. You can fill the rest open area with white, black, and gray pea gravel to frame the patio gracefully.

Concrete Patio Ideas for Small Backyards

Small concrete are important because a patio shows the personality of the householders. Even though it is located in a backyard, you have to choose a design that accentuates the backyard, footpath, and the patio itself to beautify the area. Here are some ideas of a concrete patio for small backyards.

Combine your concrete patio with granite floors in order to bring a traditional yet elegant style.

Concrete patio with granite floors traditional elegant style

Granite is the material that is durable, strong, and easy to maintain. It is also easy to clean, resistant to scratches, and no marks will be left if you drag furniture on granite floors. Moreover, granite floors do not easily absorb water. All these qualities make granite floors worth to choose.

Choose white concrete slabs to use it as a footpath to access your patio.

White concrete slabs footpath patio design

The white color as the final touch is beneficial to make the concrete slabs look more flexible. This way, your concrete patio will not look stiff and boring. The equipment used to smoothen the surface of concrete slabs must be clean and not rusty. However, you need to be careful because the white concrete slabs are easy to get stained.

Do you want a design that will make your concrete patio looks unique?

Combine natural stones and wood materials for modern concrete patio

Combine natural stones and wood materials to bring a rustic style to your modern concrete patio. You can use wood planks as a footpath and small natural stones to fill the gap between wood planks. This way, your patio will look modern and natural at the same time.

Combine your concrete patio with limestone floors.

Concrete patio with limestone floors

Limestone floors are not porous and not slippery either. So that it is suitable if your concrete patio is uncovered. Choose grey tone limestone floors in order to create a perfect blend with the concrete materials.

Combine 2 natural stones with different colors for the footpath and patio floors.

2 natural stones with different colors for the footpath and patio floors

This way, you can simply and effortlessly define which area is the patio and which another one is the backyard. Make sure the colors create a pretty contrast. For example, you can combine grey natural stones with beige natural stones. You are also able to use a light brown paver. For more references, you can search for patio paver design ideas.

A concrete patio is preferred by some people because it creates a strong and modern impression. But it does not mean you cannot combine it with other concrete patio ideas for small backyards.


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