Are you looking for modern patio design ideas? If you do, then keep on reading! This article will give you recommended modern patio designs and patio paver design ideas which you can apply to your patio.

For those who are not familiar, the patio is a small space in the garden or yard area which is used as a dining or recreational area. Houses which have a garden or space will usually build a patio as a gathering place for the families.

Do keep in mind that you do not need to have a spacious garden or yard in order to build a patio. Even you can build a patio in a small garden.

Modern means Less

If you want to build a modern patio, you have to make it simple. Modern patio means clean, refine, and unclutter. In this case, going with a minimalist look will be perfect.

You can install only the important furniture such as a coffee table or dining table, chairs or sofas, lighting, and embellishments. Try not to install so many embellishments though, just a few little flowers will be fine.

Match with the Indoor

The next modern patio design idea is that you can match the design of the patio with the ones indoors. The point is that you have to make your patio as comfortable as your living room or bedroom.

By making your patio looks comfortable, you will be able to relax in your patio while chatting with your families. However, do keep in mind not to match the furniture because you need to install patio furniture so that they can withstand the change of the weather.

Be Creative

Commonly, most of the patio use monochrome or neutral colours. However, you can play with so many colours in order to make your patio does not look plain or too boring.

As long as you remember not being too much creative because it will look too much and messy. Just try to play with 3 or 4 colours and you will be fine.


Outdoor Patio Ideas Modern Landscape

Modern backyard project by Signature Landscapes

Garden Style Contemporary Patio Design




Those are the top three recommended modern patio designs which you can apply in 2019. To conclude, you can paint your patio with the colour that you want but it is strongly suggested not to install too many types of furniture and you can install things or furniture which make you comfortable. Try to apply these modern patio design ideas and your patio will be awesome.


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