Minimalist Bathroom for Modern House

Some people really love something simple, It is because the trend has changed from classic into modern time. Nowadays, minimalist bathroom can be considered as great design because it can accommodate people’s eye without using complexity in the design. This design is really awesome for modern house because it can enhance overall house atmosphere.

small modern white tile and subway tile cement tile floor and gray floor bathroom

Moreover, the design matches with most equipment in the market. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to arrange the bathroom for more appealing look. A bathroom actually has some items for making it as bathroom. Main objects such as toilet, shower, bathtub, and vanity are presented in the bathroom.

Moving to the first two items, there are toilet and shower. Both items are actually related each other to give meaningful expression within the house. To make it simple, the toilet should not have texture and embellishment. It means that the toilet is sleek and smooth. The shower is almost similar to the toilet except it has screen door.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

Bathroom minimalist has glass door for completing it. The screen is really beautiful especially for modern bathroom because the light shined on the glass door creates a nice embellishment.

Moving to other objects, there are vanity, bathtub, and mirror. For the vanity, it is definitely made of ceramic from bottom to the top. Because of the material, this vanity will be heavier than standard vanity from wood. Therefore, it will not be floated over the ground. A single vanity combined with mirror will look great for minimalist bathroom.

The mirror for the vanity is also designed very cool by adding metallic embellishment in its frame. The frame for this mirror is also unique because it does not take too much space. For simplicity, the width for the rime is under 1cm. it seems fragile, but it can enhance bathroom minimalist appearance.

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