Luxurious Bathroom Design

Bathroom is really important part within a house. It is usually the first place to go before or after the bed. Since the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in a house, the owner of house should take care of it nicely. A nice bathroom design may be needed for completing the room with appealing look.

Today, one of recommended designs will be explained, and it is usually for high-end homeowner. Luxurious design is chosen because it is really beautiful. It is quite accommodating for most users though it may not be affordable.

A luxurious bathroom design is filled with many expensive items. Starting from main equipment within the bathroom, the toilet, it is made of luxurious material as the core. For its embellishment, a metallic line is then added to the side to give futuristic look.

For shower, it is there is no such thing because everything is modified as simple as possible. What make it luxurious are the features within the shower. There are some options in control panel for easy and simple preference. In addition to shower, there is also pretty vanity. Unlike common vanity that uses wood as main material; luxurious design relies much on ceramic and metallic embellishment. It is meant for creating futuristic impression.

In addition to main item, there are also some accessories for completing the look. The accessories consist of lighting and container. For the container, there are also many items, and all of them are made in sleek and slim design.

For lighting, it is completely different from standard bathroom. The ambient lighting is no longer standard fluorescent lamp. It is replaced with chandelier for enhancing luxurious look within the room. The floor is also changed dramatically since there is no standard flooring no more in this luxurious bathroom design.

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