Are you planning to create a bedroom to find relaxation and tranquility in your own house? Then, you may like the idea of zen bedroom. Nowadays, the idea of zen for a bedroom becomes popular in the term of interior design which then refers to harmony, relaxation and balance. There is no proper style or rule to create zen interior design, but there are some points that become the key of any popular bedroom in this style including simplicity, purity of lines and minimalism. Now, how to decorate your bedroom into this idea?

Zen Bedroom

First of all, you need to make a plan including creating room’s layout, floor plan and many other things to prepare before you create the bedroom. Second, you should select the colors. Since zen are synonymous with natural colors especially the soft one such as gray, white and pink beige, you can choose those color variations for your zen bedroom. When selecting the colors, you need to think the harmony of the color within the furniture, walls and also floors. To avoid boring atmosphere, you can combine two matching colors, or you can also play with gradation of your favorite color.

Tranquil and Comfortable Zen Bedroom

Third, you should consider taking soft flooring options for your bedroom. Parquet can be a good idea for the bedroom among many others wooden flooring. You can choose parquet with grayish or white color to provide relax and tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom. Then, you can add wool rugs or carpets on your floors to provide more comfortable place to relax. Don’t forget to choose the one with the matched color. Next, you can consider about both decorative and functional accessories to put in your bedroom. One of the significant elements for the bedroom decoration is the curtains. You need to choose the one with natural textiles to make your zen bedroom totally tranquil.


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