Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable and beautiful terrace with some covered back patio ideas? By attending the covered patio, you can enjoy and enjoy leisure on the terrace of your house with friends and family.

Creating a home covered patio with any good design is not as difficult as you might expect. each design emphasizes the function and reduces the use of furniture and knick-knacks that are not needed.

Here you present some concrete patio design layouts on the back porch that can be used as a source of inspiration for your home.

Lively and warm covered back patio

If you are among those who fill the time by decorating the house, you can make this terrace house model the best place for creativity. The goal is to create a lively, warm and comfortable home terrace model. The main highlight here is the cute sofa cushions.

A covered back patio with a classic style

Having a covered back patio with some rocking chairs is one thing that you may have ever dreamed of before. Enjoying the remaining days lying down on a lounger or sitting in a rocking chair, while enjoying the beauty of the Environment, who doesn’t want to?

A covered back patio with a rural style

Wooden decks, middle and large flower pots, and also soft sofas as if providing coolness in front of our house. This house terrace model is suitable for almost all types of home architecture, especially for those of you who live in beautiful residential complexes.

Minimalist all-wood covered back patio

Ranging from partitions to furniture, that makes the house patio especially the covered back patio look more beautiful. Monochrome pillows for seating on the terrace look pretty sitting sweeten the terrace. Then, you can make your patio more beautiful with a vertical garden in which you can put it on the wall of your covered patio.

A covered back patio with an oriental concept

You don’t have to go to Japan to enjoy typical oriental-style relaxation. Simply by presenting a low-rise lounge such as a room carpet or a short sofa and a sliding side door model with pull-out blinds, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of the soothing back porch model house.

A covered back patio with an amazing garden

You can also design a park in the middle of the garden behind the house. This terrace does not require extensive space. Using chairs with wood materials requested by greenery will help you to relax in the afternoon.

Now, decorate and design your covered back patio by choosing one of those covered back patio ideas!

Covered Patio Decorating Ideas Which You Can Apply

Covered Patio Decorating Ideas Which You Can Apply

You need to look for covered patio decorating ideas if you hate that your BBQ party is cancelled due to rain. You cannot even enjoy the rain view if your patio does not have a cover.

As we all know, a patio is a space in our garden which can be used as relaxation or recreational place after a long day at work. You can use the patio to dine together with your families, friends, or you can even have a party in your patio.

Decorating patio is one thing you must do if you do not want your patio to look plain or boring. If you do not have a preference on how to decorate your patio in a correct way, do not worry.

This article will give lists of important decorations which you need to install in the patio and patio paver design ideas.

The Awning

You need to know what kind of awning do you want. Do you want concrete awnings such as wood or other concrete materials? Do you want to use glass to enjoy the view? Or do you want to have a retractable awning so that you can enjoy the summer? You need to consider all of those things based on your surroundings. For example, if you live in an area which always rains, then you cannot use retractable awning.


After you decide the awning, then the next covered patio decorating idea is the lighting. The lighting is very important in the patio so that you can enjoy the night. Do keep in mind that you cannot install very bright lighting. Instead, you can install small lamps and hang them on the awning to give you a perfect ambience.


Because the patio is located on the outside, you cannot install furniture which will require monthly or even weekly maintenance. Even though your patio is covered, there is no guarantee that your furniture will be saved from the harsh change of weather.

That is why it is suggested for you to install furniture which made from synthetic fibres. You will not need to worry about the maintenance so you can save your money and use it for something else.

Those are the decoration which you need to pay attention to in your patio. You have to remember not to put too many decorations because it will make your patio looks full and small. Try to consider these covered patio decorating ideas and enjoy your new covered patio!

Covered Patio Ideas for Backyard

Covered Patio Ideas for Backyard

Covered patio ideas for backyard are suitable for you who want to have a private spot to enjoy your quality time with your family. A backyard is a perfect location because every single person must love it to freely laugh and get relaxed without any neighbors peeking.

These ideas of covered patio below are suitable for both spacious backyards or small backyards.

Rustic Modern

How to combine an old style with a new style with a perfect blend? Try to combine a rustic style with modern style. Have red brick walls in your patio and combine it with a glass sliding door to combine those 2 styles.

For the floors, use ceramic materials and combine it with fresh green grass. You can also add patio paver design ideas for this concept. Since it is a covered patio, you can use a pergola or canopy for this idea.

Wooden Mini Bar

Do you love to have a drink or hold a party with your best friends? Then why do not you make your covered patio in your backyard as a fun place for those activities? Have an opened wooden bar to create your private pub in your patio.

Complete it with some bar chairs and a sofa. For the cover, you can use a glass folded door with a wooden frame. So that it blends beautifully with the opened wooden bar.

Covered Patio as Workspace

If your work involves fine motor nerves such as painting, writing, or drawing, you can use your covered patio as a calm and quiet workspace. It does not have to be spacious. Just make sure the patio is completed with support facilities for your work.

Such as a bookshelf, table, chair, a cozy sofa to take a nap, and many more. With this design of covered patio, working will not be boring as before.

Private Pool

Having a pool in a covered patio in the backyard is the most perfect idea. Your head will be directly calm after a hectic day at work once you are relaxing in this kind of covered patio. You can get relaxed by soaking your foot in your own private pool.

For the cover, you are able to use glass French windows so that you can just enjoying the view of your covered patio from inside your house. It will be better if you place durable furniture for this one of the covered patio ideas for backyard.



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