The kitchen is a room that is not too obtrusive, but if you realize even the kitchen is a room that often you visit, especially for housewives. So the kitchen room also needs to consider and you should order in accordance with the residential design. Because the beautiful kitchens are one in the structuring makes the house will look less comfortable when in view.

In ancient times, the kitchen into a special room, because we can say for everyday activities almost in there, in the kitchen, Essence kitchen in ancient times was a place to stay, because this is where the rooms were quite a lot of activity of residents, especially for cooking and eating. But after the introduction of modern architecture became popular, as well as in the design focus for people’s house, recycling is now made with a smaller size. Usually, the design of such houses is intended for the middle class and above, the size of small houses, as well as affecting the kitchen space.

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With this condition, the landlord usually cannot cook food in large quantities, and the edges are eating out a solution. The small house certainly needs to have a kitchen though minimal. The kitchen must be enabled for the activity of washing, chopping, and cooking the food. The size of the land is not bigger than a pantry. However, this phenomenon long into a dilemma.

How to Create Beautiful Kitchens

In creating the beautiful kitchens certainly very concerned to note that these 3 things, health, safety, and security. In terms of health in the kitchen at least there is trash because it is unlikely you let ingredients seasoning food strewn on the floor or on a table. Not only has that frequently made the contents of the trash in the trash, though unpleasant new in your kitchen. In the kitchen make sure there is a window that can be opened so that fresh air from outside can enter. Do not let you create a kitchen was closed and dark. This could even harm you.

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In terms of safety things you need to consider is fire prevention tool. No need special extinguishers you can prepare a bucket and sand to maintain safety. So even with the floor of the kitchen, make sure there are smooth and easy to clean. Thus, before buying flooring materials, ask your retailer first. For terms of security, in terms of location, you can also put a kitchen in front, not just in the back alone.

small kitchen design

Beautiful kitchens would have to support activities such as washing, cutting, and cooking side dishes, such as the sink complete with a cut, while, the rest of the other space to put the stove. Because the days are longer now popular of a minimalist concept with regard to the effect of the expansion of space, one of the components that fit can give the impression that the color selection area should choose bright colors.

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small kitchen design
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